Twitter Engage app Launched for Celebrities and Influencers

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Micro Blogging Gaint Twitter launched a new for celebrities & influencers called Twitter Engage on Tuesday for iOS users in the United States. The Engage app provides real-time data and insights and help users to understand and grow their audience by engage more selectively with their followers.

“As creators, influencers, and public figures, you have a special connection with your followers on Twitter,” writes senior product manager, Matt Dennebaum, on Twitter’s blog. “Through Tweets, you can share content and have conversations with fans and other influencers in real time — and now we’ve made it easier to manage those daily interactions and measure success.”

Twitter also explained that analytics for the app’s new users will be provided in real-time. It will be possible for the users to filter out the Retweets, mentions, and videos of their tweets by different time periods. Audience demographics and a feed of what fans are tweeting about will also be available.

One of the key features of the app is its ability to prioritize mentions — if a user is mentioned by an influencer or a loyal fan, it will no longer be drowned in a virtual sea of mentions. The app also shares data on your profile’s Twitter stats (say, retweets, video views, likes and mentions) and organizes the info by time periods. There is also a real-time feed showing what your followers are tweeting about in any given moment.

The Engage app may have just launched, but is only available for US Users and there are updates headed its way, including integrations with Niche and Vine products.

“Twitter Engage app gives creators, celebrities, and public figures a better way to connect with fans, followers and influencers,” reads the app description on the Apple Store. “It’s the perfect tool for the people that make and share new video content every day and want to understand and grow their audience on Twitter.”


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