List of Top YouTube MCN’s – Multi Channel Networks


Here we have listed down top YouTube MCN Multi Channel Networks based on the revenue share, payment options, contract length & services they are offering to Creators to grow their Channels. We hope this great list will help you in choosing the best YouTube MCN for your YouTube channels.

We recommend you to check their official website & official contract terms & conditions before joining them because most of the YouTube Multi Channel Networks keep changing their revenue splits and contract length based on type of YouTube channels. Most networks claims in their promo emails that they offer High CPM as they have in house Ad Sales Team, but seriously don’t believe on them as they have no control over CPM. CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions ) is controlled by YouTube itself depending on their Ad Inventory and other factors.

List of Top YouTube MCN’s :

Maker Studios: One of the Top YouTube MCN which offers many tools to their users to grow and create good content not just this, their influence  program gives creators an another revenue stream by promoting brands. With very low requirements they except almost all categories of channels. Maker Studios generates a total viewership of more than 5 billion. Maker Studios was bought by #Disney for $500 Million, thus securing the profitable future of this studio.

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 25$ and Check
  • Requirements: Very low view requirements & no copyrighted content
  • Lock in Period: Seems to be 1 year
  • Channel Types: All
  • Facilities: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Spreadshirt & Dedicated Support team
  • Link to Apply:

Machinima: Machinima, Inc. is an American gaming and media streaming website, and a multi-channel network. originated as a hub for machinima, videos created in real-time video game environments. Machinima YouTube Multi Channel Network which was a great start for Gamers across world. Machinima hosts world’s top gamers and apart from having their own gaming awards but later started loosing trust because of 3 years long lock in contract. Machinima provides original programming for games like Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist etc.

  • Revenue Share: 75% and 50% of their own Adsales
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal and 20$
  • Requirements: 1,000 views in last 30 days
  • Lock in Period: 3 years contract
  • Channel Types: Gaming
  • Facilities: Audiomicro Library
  • Link to Apply:

Fullscreen: Founded in 2011, with around 48000+ YouTubers, Fullscreen is one the newest & Top YouTube MCN. The Fullscreen network generates more than 5+ billion monthly video views making it one of the biggest Youtube Networks. Because of its hard requirements its little harder to join their network It hosts NBCUniversal, FOX, FremantleMedia, JASH, Rooster Teeth etc.

  • Revenue Share: 60-80%
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal 50$
  • Requirements: —-
  • Lock in Period: 2 years
  • Channel Types: All
  • Facilities: Spreadshirt, AudioMicro, Jingle Punks, Videoblocks, Cover Song License, Epidemic Sound, Gleam, Epoxy etc.
  • Partner Now:

BroadbandTV Corp: BoradBandTV Corp generates 10 Billion monthly views from its 1.6 Lac youtube channels making it world’s second largest YouTube Multi Channel Network. They Hosts NBA, FremantleMedia, Sony Pictures etc. Recently they have acquired studios like FremantleMedia, YoBoHo & leading analytics firm #SocialBlade. They are trying hard to find business opportunities in developing countries like Brazil and India. Well its easy to join their network because of no hard requirements but its not worth to join them as they charge almost 50% of the earnings and doesn’t offer much tools or services when compared to other providers.

  • Revenue Share: 60% For Normal ads & 50% of BBTV’s ads
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal & No Threshold
  • Requirements: None it seems
  • Lock in Period: 2 years initial term
  • Channel Types: Gaming Focused
  • Facilities: Dashboard, Tags Optimizer
  • Partner Now:

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